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Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors fit for any budget, any style, or any theme. Checkout our trendy line of wedding and party favors that will say thank you with style!

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  1. Mini Flower Pots

    Mini Flower Pots

    Give a special Thank you to your guests with these mini flower pots. A great addition to your wedding. Add your favorite flower seeds to the pots as a way of saying thank you to your guests. Or you can add an artificial flower, or a tea light candle.

    Size: 2"x 2 1/2"

    Note: Container Only

    A great addition to place around your centerpieces, or you can even use a place card holder.

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  2. Rustic Real-Wood Place Card/Photo Holder

    Rustic Real-Wood Place Card/Photo Holder

    In a forest. On a farm. In a vineyard. Here's the charm. When it's all about trees and nature, only real wood will do. Kate Aspen's stunningly simple, real-wood place card/photo holder adds to the beauty of any setting where family, friends and the beauty of nature are gathered. Features and facts:

    • Circular, real-wood place card/photo holder with visible age circles and a slit on the top for place card or photo
    • Though sizes vary slightly, place card holder measures approximately 1" h x 1 3/4" in diameter
    • Coordinated place cards included
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  3. "Rustic Romance" Faux-Wood Heart Place Card Holder/Photo Frame

    "Rustic Romance" Faux-Wood Heart Place Card Holder/Photo Frame

    Just the favor for the love-filled, mellow mood you want at your wedding! Kate Aspen's woodsy, heartwarming place card/photo frame has a quaint charm that people appreciate, and it brings the old and the new happily together. Features and facts:

    • Square, resin frame with light, faux wood print and a heart-shaped space for a photo
    • Black back and frame stand
    • Photo space is 2 1/8 h x 2 1/8" h (in heart shape)
    • Photo frame measures approximately 3" square
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  4. Butterfly design place card/photo holders Butterfly design place card/photo holders

    Butterfly design place card/photo holders

    Welcome your guests on the wings of a masterpiece, with these gorgeous butterfly design place card/photo holder favors
    Butterflies!!! They're one of nature's most brilliant masterpieces and they symbolize beauty, grace and the start of something new. Description and details: 

    • A central plastic butterfly charm brings eye-catching appeal
    • Luminous clear glass cube base for sturdy display
    • Each measures 3" tall x 1" wide
    • A silver metal wire extends up to form a heart shaped coiled holder top for easy insertion of a place card, photo or note
    • Just right for all occasions
    • Bulk packed with a blank place card included
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  5. Beach themed placecard holders

    Beach themed placecard holders

    It's as if they were scooped right off the ocean floor - these favors really capture that beachy feel.

    With a carefully crafted resin base that resembles sand, coral and shells, each of these beach themed favors has one of three assorted sea treasures, realistically recreated, as its dramatic centerpiece. Each is 4 7/8" tall and has a wire coil rising above the shell base that acts as the place card holder - also perfect for holding a note or photo in your guest's home or office. These place card holders come with place cards included. Individually Poly-Bagged.

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  6. "Scenic View" Tree-Branch Place Card/Photo Holder

    "Scenic View" Tree-Branch Place Card/Photo Holder

    At last--a favor so captivating, it starts making memories the moment your guests sit down! Nature also had a hand in designing this outdoorsy, autumn- themed favor, because the exquisite detail perfectly captures a forest's incomparable beauty. Features and facts:




  7. Finely detailed tree branches form a sylvan-inspired, resin frame with a tiny bird sweetly perched on an inner twig
  8. Frame measures 3 1/4" h x 4 1/4" w
  9. Place card included




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  • Unique Heart Design Topiary Place Card Holder

    Unique Heart Design Topiary Place Card Holder

    We invite you to listen to your heart and choose these unique heart design topiary place card holder favors.
    It’s easy to turn your event space into a lush topiary garden filled with love when you have these stylish heart design topiary place card holders/favors on your tables. And these lovely favors also double as photo/note holders when your guests take them home. Each heart topiary favor measures 5” x 2” and has a sculpted green grass-like heart shaped topiary top “growing” out of a dark stained wood pot. Discreetly tucked at the top is a green wire holder for place card or photo. Each topiary favor comes in a poly bag.

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  • "Choice Crystal" Butterfly Favors

    "Choice Crystal" Butterfly Favors

    Give your guests a fanciful flight with these exquisite Choice Crystal butterfly favors.

    Mother Nature surely won’t mind that we took the essence of the beautiful butterfly and borrowed its elegance and charm for this stunning figurine. Each sparkling glass butterfly measures 2" x 2 ¼" x ½" and has a brilliant butterfly shape with multifaceted wings and body. Surrounded by satin inside a Choice Crystal signature silver butterfly design box, tied with an organza and satin bow with a rhinestone butterfly on top and an attached matching heart shaped tag, these favors make for a stunning presentation.

    A minimum of 36 favors for personalized tags


    For a distinctive touch, add one of our personalized tags to your favors for $0.50/each. Choose from over 100 design options, 2 shapes and 30 colors, to create a tag that is perfectly suited for any event. Simply personalized with your names or your event, and a date. They will arrive with your favors and come with a prepunched hole and a 5" elastic tie. Minor assembly required as tags are not pre-tied to the favors.

    CLICK HERE To View Personalized Tag Designs & Colors

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  • Leaf Design Place Card Holders

    Leaf Design Place Card Holders

    A fall favorite – these leaf design place card holders put seasonal style into any autumn occasion.

    You’ll give your guests a chance to turn over a new leaf when they arrive and see their seating assignments cheerfully displayed in these delightful keepsakes. Each measures 3 ¾” x 1 ¾” and features a dramatic poly resin fall leaf charm in three assorted vivid fall colors brilliantly embedded with three amber rhinestones at its stem, with a wire twist extending at its top to hold place cards, photos and more. The leaf design place card holders come bulk packaged in individual plastic bags with fall themed place cards included.

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  • "Beach Memories" Miniature Adirondack Chair Placecard Holder

    "Beach Memories" Miniature Adirondack Chair Placecard Holder

    These miniature adirondack chair frames are handcrafted, hand painted, and provide a decorative touch to beach events. The chair frames are made of poly resin and can be used later to display a photo. These chairs are white and measure 3"x 2 ¼" with a 1 ½" x 1 ¼" frame for a place card or photo.

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